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Orvieto is definitely a place for foodies!

The town of Orvieto is over 2,500 years old and with its ancient history all the aspects of a local culture have been developing for ages. One of the most important elements in our tradition is food and wine.

Since the Etruscan, white wine has been a prominent part of our territory, together with many other incredible specialties, most of which are still here!

Below we created a general list of all the Orvieto unique specialties:

Orvieto Doc Wines

orvieto-wineDOC stands for “Denominazione di Origine Controllata” (Denomination of Controlled Origin). – This designation applies to those wines produced in area of Orvieto (small-medium amplitudes), but that can be bottled outside of the county. The production of a DOC Orvieto wine has to match some strict production standards and requirements. Orvieto has two DOC wines to offer: the Orvieto Classico DOC and the Rosso Orvietano DOC. The most famous one, the Orvieto Classico, is a natural development of the ancient Etruscan white wine, which was much sweeter and less alcoholic. In fact, already in the 7th Century B.C. the Etruscan civilization had found out and well applied the chemical process of fermentation, where sugar turns into alcohol, providing uniqueness to their “fruity” drink.
Walking in Orvieto or driving around town, you can always appreciate a wine tasting at one of the many local wineries or wine bars.

DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil – I Colli Orvietani

bruschetta53c9127319a1e.jpgDOP stands for “Denominazione di Origine Protetta” (Denomination of Protected Origin). – This designation represents the highest quality of extra-virgin olive oil, always pressed only once. Most producers in Orvieto apply a cold press process to their olives, providing a superb olive oil.
The rich and fertile hills around Orvieto have always been an ideal soil for the cultivation of vines and olive trees. In any direction you look at – whether is North (Ficulle), South (Bolsena and Bagnoregio), East  (Montecchio) or West (Castel Viscardo and Monterubiaglio) – Orvieto has an international tradition and counts several extra-virgin olive oil producers of the finest quality. In and around town is very easy and affordable to enjoy a great olive oil tasting in shops and farms.

One of the main dishes based on our fine olive oil is “bruschetta“, toasted bread brushed with fresh garlic and with fresh extra-virgin olive oil poured on top.


formaggioItaly offers a unique variety of cheeses from North to South. Words like “pecorino”, “parmigiano”, “caciotta“, are very common all over the World.
The cheese production in Orvieto is very active and diverse.

You can easily find many types of pecorino cheese, cow and sheep milk cheeses, and much more. Our local products are best to be tasted with one of the many local honeys available.  In the recent last years, also the excellent goat cheese in the area of Orvieto has some excellent productions.

Umbrichelli Pasta

umbrichelliAmong the many kinds of fresh pasta Italy offers, “umbrichelli” is definitely one of the most interesting ones, and is originally from the town of Orvieto. The genesis of this word comes from the word “lombrico” (earthworm). Fortunately that is not an ingredient in the dish, but its shape reminds us of the umbrichelli pasta, which is made only with flour and water, with no eggs.

This recipe comes from a very difficult period (World War II), when hens and eggs were rare to find. Therefore local people had to create their own meal every single day. Today a plate of Umbrichelli with “amatriciana” sauce or any other sauce or with the Black Truffle is a must in Orvieto, both for locals and for visitors.


lumachelle-orvieto“Lumaca” in Italian means “snail”, and our delicious “lumachelle” (look at the picture!) definitely remind us of it. This is a type of bread with bacon and cheese mixed in the dough, providing a tasty flavor and interesting options for pairings with our Orvieto Classico white wine.
Perfect for an aperitivo and for a dinner starter, “lumachelle” are one of the most important food specialties of Orvieto. You can find them in many restaurants, and in the numerous “forni” (bakeries) in town, as well as in any Orvieto family home, especially if during a local festivity or event.  Another bakery product that you can easily find in Orvieto is the “Biscotto all’anice salato” that includes the boiling of the anise spiced dough and then baking in the oven.


Piccione alla leccarda

A traditional  dish of Orvieto. This ancient traditional dish, is pigeon or dove cooked on a spit under this earthenware pot, and then filled with special seasonings. The pot collects the fat that drips from the meat while cooking and mixes with the spices and flavors the pigeon meat.