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city-of-orvietoOrvieto is one of the most beautiful cities of Umbria region and full of history, folklore and good food too. Lying on the old tufa rock that rises over the valley of the Paglia, it is very impressive and picturesque. In the past the city was an Etruscan important city and then a Roman province. In the Middle Ages Orvieto became a powerful city, it had a large territory spread until the  the Tuscan Tyrrhenian Sea coast.

Among its streets and squares stand several churches of every age and style (gothic and roman): San Giovenale (the oldest church of the city)  Sant’Andrea with its fantastic underground ruins, San Francesco, dedicated to the famous umbrian saint Francis of Assisi and above all the Cathedral, Duomo, the real symbol of the city with its beautiful facade of Maitani work. Inside the cathedral there are the chapels of the Holy Corporal and San Brizio. The San Brizio chapel is famous for the stunning Signorelli’s frescoes. Other important monuments and attractions of the city are the Palazzo del Popolo, Palazzo Comunale and the magnificient Pozzo di San Patrizio.